I need to explain myself…. Do I need to explain myself?  Whatever…… I know, I don’t come here often.

I start out with all good intentions, and sometimes I let me down.  I try not to let anyone else down, may be I do and I don’t know and they don’t say.  Suffice to say this year has been busy, taxing, exasperating and exhausting in equal(ish) measures.  As many who follow me know, I manage quite well with what I have (several auto-immune diseases with bolt on bits) but since February I seem to have acquired something that we thought was a cold but isn’t and no one knows the answer other than ‘here have some more antibiotics and steroids and come back in a week’ when you see a different locum who says much the same.  In short I am now left unable to walk more than a few yards, permanently breathless, I can’t stop coughing, which wakes everyone at night.

Meanwhile, our house went back on the market with a new agent in February so we can have our ‘Escape to the Country’.  Why ever did we pick February?  Answers on a postcard please.  It seems the market is affected by February/Easter/too cold/half term/Brexit.  Viewers seem to rock up at our door looking for something totally different to what we are selling.  We aren’t sure if they don’t actually look at the brochure, are just nosey or the agent is so bored he will take absolutely anyone anywhere just to fill his day.  We are now pretty fed up of asking each other ‘where did you last see [insert just about anything domestic] as everything is stuffed away to hide, don’t put that teaspoon down there, quick clean the house, someone might come round……..  May be it will happen in May?

One thing and another seems to interfere with production. So I seem to be working in bursts when I can, producing a long line of things for the kiln, which at least means the next few days are mostly kiln feeding and emptying.  But I do have a couple of new designs, some of which made it into the kiln and others are in various stages of design.

Best keep an eye on my Facebook page to know what’s new and whether it’s on Etsy or Amazon, it’s taken me an hour to work out my password for this site, I changed it recently, as you should and do, and then must have had a senior moment and Brain Fart!  Facebook is more reliable at the moment, my computer can remember the password to that, just not this.  Normal service will resume some time.  Until then…………………