After a request to make more of an item I sold out of long ago, I’ve had a busy week seeking out, getting my paws on and then making sets of coasters in an iridescent glass that has a really metallic shine.  After much faffing in the studio (who’s old enough to remember Much Binding in the Marsh on the radio – suddenly came to mind but I must have caught it on repeats, as even I’m not that old!) I made 5 sets.  Depending how you fire it it gives a different appearance, face up, face down, covered by kiln paper or uncovered…… and for the life of me I couldn’t remember the combo of moves to replicate the previous ones I made. I got there in the end.

They are now available from my Etsy and Amazon outlets – when they’re gone they’re probably gone unless I spend another day pouring over glass websites buying all the things I didn’t actually go there for tin the first place on the way……

The weather has been so gloomy this week, with threats of The Beast from the East 2 – I swear that’s getting more remakes than Back to the Future!! But luckily no snow here, not a lot of frost and no ice – and the rain was actually quite welcome as it watered the flower pots I planted up a few weeks ago to brighten the garden for when we relaunch our home on the market (new year, new agent) to hopefully wander off to pastures new.  In a few weeks our garden will look far more cheerful, but we are over-run with bluebells, sadly not the English variety, though they are very cheerful.  Previous occupants planted them everywhere and despite removing a lot of them they have spread.  They win, they can stay.

I needed inspiration to get me back into the studio so looked to my recent handiwork (I’m the one in the family with no green fingers, I come from a stock of rose breeders and people who could make even a dead plant flower) and have designed and made a Springtime free-standing fused glass panel to add to my range.  Next I am planning a ‘host of golden daffodils’ but that’s likely to be a few weeks away. I need to work my way around the long queue of items in the ‘next for the kiln’ queue – I need a larger studio, or a better organised studio, not sure which at the moment.

I think the rest of my week is going to be taken up by my other supporting role; my husband teaches and hosts retreats on Heart Rhythm Meditation.  We currently have a house guest here for a week’s retreat so I’m busy trying to come up with quick meals that look like I’ve slaved at the stove all day and have been a Domestic Goddess when the opposite is more true.  Some say they eat anything and everything then eat nothing (it affects everyone’s appetite differently apparently, meditation isn’t my ‘thing’ so I can’t comment) and some say they have small appetites and eat us out of house and home.  I love cooking and love people who eat my food even more so I am currently in overdrive with either the bread machine or the oven on at some time most of the day.

And my next plan for the week is husband’s website!  There, it’s out in the open, now he will have to get on and give me the text he wants or maybe I’ll just write it myself and I know nothing about the subject matter.  It would end up as an album of cats and cake recipes.  It’s been in a pre-launch state for nearly 2 years, you can’t rush a busy man!