Or rather women!  So, this week’s ‘makes’ have been ‘a mess’ – yes, that’s what I’ve made so far!

I’ll have to work twice as hard next week, but this week I’ve

  • ordered a bedroom carpet, twice, as the manufacturer has now discontinued the colour I wanted, which matched the other bedroom.  
  • organised for a painter to paint the lounge and
  • a plasterer to re-plaster the aforementioned bedroom, after the carpet goes down – we have paying guests arriving, 
  • arranged for the painter to come back after the paying guest, after the plasterer plasters and the plaster dries
  • bought rather a lot of paint tester pots and narrowed down my choice to two colours
  • bought assorted shades of paint – Homebase had an offer on, get it whilst you can!
  • popped along to the hospital and calmly awaited my test results (slight exaggeration, it was very stressful) – but at least we now have a diagnosis, and a new life living with Crohne’s Disease – it could have been worse, they did start mention words starting with C…..
  • collapsed in a heap and declared the rest of the week cancelled. 

Damn!  Just remembered, I need to get curtains cleaned and altered (to match the new carpet) – a woman’s work is never done!