Ever since Arts Week ended Sunday evening I’ve been creating chaos out of order. It hasn’t been a simple case of putting things in boxes and opening my online shops; first I had to find the items I’d borrowed from my online shops! I thought I had marked everything at the start, I thought we’d tagged everything in the sales book but no to both. At last I think we are there and everything is in its rightful place and all my shops are now open. What a day!

Having turned our reasonably tidy conservatory into an exhibition space, I’ve had to re-construct it from the endless piles and boxes of bumph (a technical term) that I’d left in the lounge and hall. The large studio, also an exhibition space has been re-constructed from the boxes in the little studio. The little studio is now back to being my glass studio. First I had some running repairs to do though.

My lampworking ventilation unit, previously sitting infront of the flame, was getting really hot and I feared for it’s longevity. Borrowing an idea from another lampworker I bought a shelf from Ikea, assembled it this morning [much the same quality as their flatpack furniture, a lot of the screws don’t fit the metal holes], screwed it to the wall and then admired my handiwork. That part had gone surprisingly well, if you ignore the one screw that refused to go completely into the shelf rail.

Next came attaching some acoustic hosing that will hopefully keep the noise down a little. Some say these fans are whisper quiet, but either they are more deaf than I or mine is very noisy. I needed b-i-g jubilee clips. Off to the DIY store, they say they are vent clips and no they don’t have; on to the plumbers’ merchants .. they say they are not vent clips they are jubillee clips and no they don’t have them. Into Halfords .. across to the plastics supplier .. back to Jewsons .. on to the domestic repair shop .. and home. No one has them and the original supplier charges rather a lot for delivery for 2 jubillee / vent / hose clips. I improvise with the jubillee clips I buy from the first shop and use the old foil ducting for part of the installation.

It’s up! OK, the combined length of 8 mini cable ties to hold the ‘elephant’s trunk’ in the right place on the shelf is a bit Heath Robinson but it’s raining and I’m not going out into the big wide world again today. It seems to work, I’ve made a few beads and haven’t expired from fumes yet.

Now all I need to do is make more beads to replace those I sold during Arts Week. But that’ll be another day.