2019 is running away from me!  How did it get to be June?

Some dates for your diary:

Sunday 30th June I’ll be taking part in The Handmade Showcase Summer event – I’ve some new designs in the pipeline for this one – pop over to the event and click ‘going’ to be kept up to date as the event unfolds – https://www.facebook.com/events/2216068805118201/

Fast on its heels after this one I have …..

Thursday 11th July – Uniquely Chosen Market Night’s Shades of Summer event – again there will be some new designs but which I’m not sure at the moment as I am surrounded by new things and ideas, buried somewhere amidst a tidy studio, which is somewhat scary but hey, house viewers (yes, not sold yet, getting bored of all this) like to see tidy studios apparently, despite not being able to access them unless I am here – don;t want anyone opening hot kilns, opening wardrobes is bad enough!  Again, click ‘going’ to keep up with events as they unfurl – https://www.facebook.com/events/430447981109427/

There is a provisional date for the end of September, but I’m trying to be optimistic so won’t confirm until nearer the time in case (don’t laugh) we sell!

I’m spending a lot of time tidying the garden, which is looking good this time of year with roses everywhere, honeysuckle about to pop and (I didn’t know what colour it was when I planted them) Rose of Sharon about to burst in a colour clashing bright yellow. 

I can’t believe we are heading up to being on the housing market for nearly a year, on and off.  A few estate agents, we’re on our second company, consider me scary, can’t think why, what did you expect me to say when I come home to find the front door unlocked?  A true ex-adminstrator, I have a spreadsheet for everything and looking back at my notes it is surprising how many people aren’t even on the market yet want to come and poke around, how few have actually sold or have a sniff of an interested party.  We’re now heartily sick of running around like lunatics tidying up to have so few people actually in a position to proceed, and trot round here, you might just find me, or Himself, in – much to the dread of estate agents who apparently can’t actually ‘sell’, I consider ‘this is the lounge’ a bit basic for a real sales patter but ‘this room gets the morning sun and is a welcome retreat in the heat of the summer when the back of the house is bathed in sunshine’ apparently is more info than buyers need.  I’ve had a quick count up and this is my 19th house sale in 40+ years, I think I am as good as they are to be honest, and a lot more pro-active.

So, watch this space, if we don’t sell soon I’ll be booking my autumn events.

Anyone want to buy a house?  It’s bigger than it looks and the garden is lovely this time of year.  We’re only moving because it just isn’t big enough now we both work from home and visitors are a bit fed up of sleeping in the conservatory if husband is busy in his ‘office’ a.k.a the spare bedroom which isn’t spare.