Sometimes, rather than more missives from sparring solicitors, it’s quicker to cut to the chase, go to the source and get answers yourself!  So we did.

It take somewhere between 61/2 and 8 hours to get to where we are moving.  At the moment we are rushed off our feet with organising Alistair’s trip to the USA next week, replying to endless enquiries from solicitors – 6, yes 6, came in 6 envelopes from the solicitor on Saturday, but just one email – with 4 attachments.  I’m not feeling too good (ongoing hospital tests, no results yet but heavy hints been given to me) and frankly, it’s all getting a bit of a faff.

So, Friday, off we go.  Booked into a gorgeous B&B for the night, we were in the Moo room, Baa and Quack had already been taken.  Really comfortable and Sarah and Mick were wonderful hosts.  I recommend the breakfast!!  By heck did the wind blow!! 

We were on a farm so before the wind really took hold we wandered off for a bit of animal therapy.  First we were wrestled to the ground by Muffin the young black Lab, if you stopped tickling she gently grabbed your arm in her mouth (training to be a gun dog apparently) and pulled you back to the task in hand. 

We were told there were two cats, a ginger who was lovely and a black cat that apparently wasn’t and lived as a yard cat.  The black cat found us as soon as we were out of the door.  Cat’s love me; my ex called me a witch (I think he said witch, sounded like it ….. w….. b…..?  I called him far worse.  If I was a witch he’d be a frog by now). So, my Old Familiar was by my side in seconds.  Old Familiar showed me the donkeys ….

Look at the ears on this! No doubt he’ll grow in to them. Apparently this giant donkey isn’t fully grown and is a Poitou.  I was a bit worried about his matted coat and really long hair, but apparently it goes with the breed.  He was gorgeous (I think it was a he, I didn’t check).  As were all the others.  OF then decided I was showing far too much attention to ‘not me’ and I now know why OF is a yard cat – should be renamed Sid as she is vicious!   .

Next to see the pigs, Betty has recently had a litter and delighted if anyone else fancied babysitting them even for a minute.  Alistair is good at pig-sitting it seems

The alpacas weren’t too bothered by us so, do as you would be done by.

Then I spotted sheep!  I lurve sheep.  These are Valais Blacknose, I loved their black knees and long fringes.  They had some goat friends, who were far more ‘our people’ as the Valais clearly thought us the rough townie type and decided to eat dinner instead.  The goats meanwhile were climbing the fence to get to us.  Not sure that needed encouragement as they looked like they might just be difficult to catch, sometimes that twinkle in an eye lets you know so much.

The Highland cattle were of much the opinion as the alpacas. We get the hint.

In the midst of the storm, we get a knock at our bedroom window – OF is back, purring her heart out, let me in, it’s windy out here (she’s one floor up on a sloping roof!) I didn’t bite you, that was my identical twin (which there isn’t) oh go on, let me sleep on your bed………. There was a handy note on the window ledge advising only open the window with the screen in place as black cat would otherwise be in, telling you she loved you before she savaged you as she slept.  Sorry OF, you’re not supposed to savage witches.

And then we came home.  Another 7 or so hours in the car.  Not much else to report other than, oh, the quick visit to speak to our sellers, how does this and that work and, seeing solicitors can’t seem to find out, got a date in mind to move?  We know a lot more now than before. 2 of the 5 parties have a date in mind, may be we can convince the solicitors to get on with it?

Anyone know how to get chocolate out of a fabric car seat?  Alistair dropped a chocolate Minstrel ‘on the floor’ – then next day declared ‘what is that disgusting mess on the car seat?’ Clearly he wriggles when he drives, the seat is covered………