I break glass!  Intentionally. 

As life evolves, so does my work.  My initial love of glass was melting round rods in a flame to make beads; but I wanted more.  More colour, more shapes, more uses……

Armed with an inquisitive mind, a few books and supported by my kiln, Delilah (a temperamental lass who has me shouting ‘why? why? why?’ on many an occasion when she decides ‘today’ is her day off – you can blame Tom Jones for that one),   I have developed a range of fused glass jewellery and items to enhance any home: from beautiful coasters, to small dishes for your rings, soap, tea light, loose change or whatever you will; sun catchers to catch the light from your window and free-standing glass panels and larger bowls to make a statement in your home, often inspired by the countryside around me or photos taken on my travels. 

My range and designs continue to grow as ideas come to me, so why not keep an eye on what I’ve added – my plan is to update with new designs and show you them on my blog news page.  Why not have a look at my gallery of past work?