Handmade February Market

My first online market event this year (not the same as first booked) is with Handmade on 4th February from 7 – 11pm.  Being online, you’ve time to shop before or after Call the Midwife, so come as you are, we can’t see you, or you us (not sure I’ll have my tiara on, might just be wearing jeans and a rugby shirt as that’s my usual work wear these days).

Check out my listings in the Handmade album ~ I’ve a pretty coaster and tea light / trinket dish offer this month, some pretty meadow flower sun catchers, some pocket charms or board magnets perfect for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day gifts and lots lots more, all on special offer for this event.

hearts and flowers dish

Click on the hyper-links to be taken to the album and event.  If you spot something you fancy your partner buying for you, share it with them, and your friends; the more who know about our events, the more successful they are.  Every one of the artists taking part have been vetted by Handmade to make sure you are buying genuine handmade, high quality and legally compliant work (toys are CE tested, food is from rated kitchens, candles and soaps meet the relevant legislations where appropriate).

sun catchers

Do mark the event that you are going, so we know how well our advertising is going.  Tell your friends and family and let’s make this a great event with lots of happy customers.