It’s been a better week this week, I’ve actually felt more like doing something.  I’ve finally finished a few more love tokens and a few more festive danglers for your tree (non-festive trees are fine, our is).  I’m still working on other shapes and ideas but ideas aren’t flowing well this week.  These are available from my Etsy shop from £3 + postage.

I have managed to make a few more beads ready for my next Showcase sale and, more importantly, complete a commission for some ‘heart & wings’ coasters which are a design I have made exclusively for Heart Rhythm mediators to help fund-raise for them and also give something unique. These are powder stencilled on to white glass then fired for a second time to give a permanent design.  I think these might have to be my week 36 challenge to make 52 things in a year.

If you have a design you would like printed onto coasters, enquiries welcome, minimum numbers apply as it takes me a lot of time to design and hand cut the stencil.

It doesn’t look a lot when you look at it like this – but have been pre-occupied with hospital test results, which has sapped my energy a bit 🙁