tea cup planter by Blue Box Studio

Finally my new website is live!  Well, it must be if you can read this, I moved my old blog over here, but it is still there as well … are you keeping up?  And it’s now ‘news’ because I’m more of a reporter of news than a diary writer.

So what do you think?  I have to say making this website was a lot easier than making my old one – that one needed a large G&T and the manual just to upload the updates using the FTP thingy.  I like this ‘it’s live’ lark.  Let me know what you think; drop me a comment, ping me an email.  I think I’ve got everything sorted but if you spot an whoopsie broken link, let me know so I can fix it?  I’m all link-checked-out.


I’ve had a few enquiries from those who had a sneaky-peek before it went live (I’ve had it lurking out of sight somewhere else on t’internet) about how I went about the mammoth task. 

I joined a web course a while back to write a new website and the lady who did this, Nicola Smith,  recommends Ben at A Handcrafted Hosting for hosting.  Between them Nicola and Ben have set up a package for anyone who wants a package of help, support and hosting.  I’ll attach a link – but if you use my link it recognises me as the source of the enquiry.  Not sure what it gets you, or me – perhaps they’ll send me an Easter egg for being a good sport? 

You know me, I rarely recommend anyone or anything (except Lakeland and Nespresso, excellent customer service) but I do recommend the support I’ve received from Nicola and Ben – he must be the most patient man on the planet as I seem to email most days …. Ben … how do I ???????  I’ve transferred my domain and an old website, followed a course and made a new website, had the old website removed and the new one attached to my domain name, emails sorted, general hand-holding and support and I can honestly say it’s all been a lot less stressful than just one update on my old website!  It’s all been covered in less than I would have spent on G&Ts to do it (I’m pretty teetotal really, only high days, holidays and website uploads).  Whilst some companies have the tag line ‘there’s an app for that’, in this house it’s ‘there’s a plug-in for that’ and ‘there’s Ben for that’.

So  ………  to enquire about A Handcrafted Hosting, this link should do it https://www.handcraftedhosting.co.uk?aff=sue.harris%40blueboxstudio.co.uk and for more information on the service A Handcrafted Hosting offers, and the web course that Nicola Smith runs – http://www.ahandcraftedbusiness.com/do-i-need-a-website-for-my-craft-business/ (I don’t think I get Easter eggs from Nicola, but if you mention my name she’ll be pleased to see it in a different context to ‘how do I do …..?’) and let me know if you do, then I can have a sneaky-peek at your website too?

Oh, and it all costs me less than I was paying just for hosting with another (very lovely but no hand-holding) company and much less than you’ll pay some of the DIY sites like Go Daddy (I looked at them too).  If you’re looking to have or relocate a website, it’s worth a look.

on the beach

And what of the future Mrs?  Well, hopefully I won’t be walking out to sea ……… y’know, I paid a fortune for those pink wellies, and they leak!  But enough of my sartorial elegance.

Next up will be a shop on this site, separate from my Etsy shop – but I think that will be a month or two away.  There’s quite a bit of tweaking to do behind the scenes on this first so that it gets found by search engines and has some traffic – a shop without traffic is a bit like the MI6 building on Vauxhall Embankment, it’s there if you know where to look but all in all a bit of a secret.  I bet Google has found their web page!   If you pop by again, and I hope you will, and you get a ‘closed’ sign, don’t panic, I don’t get my state pension until I’m 66 (joy!  I thought it was 67, so excited …) and will be back up and running in a day or so. I think some things will be easier to tweak and change when no one is looking.  And whoever just said ‘no one will be looking, dear’ – see me after class, you’re in detention!  50 lines: I must not depress a struggling artist……

The best way to keep up with the news, apart from on here, is to sign up for my monthly newsletter – there should be a link to do it on the top right, or click subscribe in the top menu or any of the others I have dotted around the site.  And you get 15% off your first purchase from my Etsy shop, what’s not to like?

And now I have to work out how to post this …. there’s a first for everything at the moment.  Don’t forget, let me know what you think?