Where does the time go?  We’ve been here just over 2 months and most of that in lock down!  I have no idea what day it is, but then I never did and after an initial month of rain I’d now be pretty pleased to see at least one decent rain shower; my 55 gallon ‘water buts’ are empty and my newly dug border desperate for something to keep the plants alive.  My neighbour has a small holding with sheep, he must have some orphans as I can hear lambs bleating; well, we are in the countryside.

I’ve had a different kind of creativity today, and polycarbonate not glass…

Our first night in our new home saw the inherited greenhouse taking the full brunt of Storm Dennis the Menace. It is made from polycarbonate and plastic sheets and initially was destined for the tip, but having looked online at how much greenhouses now cost and, eye wateringly just how much this type cost, I decided to order replacement sheets, cut to size (ish) and we’ve been waiting for a less windy day to fit them. This greenhouse apparently has a history of blowing sheets around, according to a neighbour – as he hands back 2 of my sheets he’s been holding on to for 2 months, so we have promised him that this is its final chance. If they can blow over 6ft fences and under cars 20m away I think we need to consider whether they could cause damage, I don’t fancy paying for someone’s car to be repaired.

The panels don’t fit with the usual W shaped clips, but a bar that clips on the spines of the roof and clearly has come off a few times as they don’t fit well now. A tube of sealant (all over me and the sheets if I am honest) later and any sheets I could remove or replacing are glued in place, as is anything that even hinted it might move. I hold out little hope of longevity but a little hope that it will get me through this growing season so I can work if I want to shell out for a proper one.

It’s not my finest work, I’ll agree, but it will now stop the wood pigeons snoozing and pooping on the wooden staging. I doubt it is the most appropriate way to fix things but I was watching Escape to the Châteaux DIY and someone on that used sealant to put glass sheets in a greenhouse and, well, it might work for me.  Possibly Dick Strawbridge would laugh at my attempts to fix the greenhouse or stop a rattling fence panel and gate with 4 small rubber wedges, but he’s not here to fix it so for now that will work too.

At least the inherited apple tree is full of blossom, it’s a very peculiar shape, just two big branches but if it earns its keep it can stay.  The yellow thingy, we have a few bushes like this, might be Winter Jasmine, could be Forsythia, we’ve not unpacked the gardening books yet, is now going over but was a breath of brightness on a dull day.  Our plan is to clear out a very neglected and overgrown border near the greenhouse and plant what’s worth saving in another border, giving me, eventually, a border that I can plant veggies into.  I wonder how long I’ll survive at gardening?  I’m the only one in the family without the green fingers, although my Dad, a rose breeder, did teach me how to bud and graft roses when I was tiny, we all did it, usually 1000 to do per bed and there were a lot of beds…. so I can prune a rose and spot a rose sucker taking over (usually 7 leaves and far more vigorous).

Pop back and see how things in the garden progress.