Pictures and free-standing glass panels

To buy my pictures and free standing panels please visit my shop outlets to see what is available.

I have a beautiful range of pictures, suitable for all rooms and all situations.  My designs change as I am inspired. Many are based on photographs taken whilst on holiday or the countryside near my home.  Some will be firm favourites for some time, other designs may pass with the season.

Framed pictures come in a variety of sizes from 4″ square up to 10″ square and 7″ x 5″ rectangle.  Designs, sizes and shapes are dependent on what quality frames I have been able to source, but if you are looking for anything in particular do get in touch, I am happy to work with clients on specific orders. 

Please do have a look at the work I have on offer to be familiar with my style, as any commissions will be within this style; sadly I am not an artist so cannot make portraits or images of, for example, cars and boats in glass.