The day didn’t start spectacularly well. Like many, I love parcels….  I prefer the kind I’ve not paid for but hey, take it whilst it’s going.  So my slumbers (I’d ignored ‘are you getting up’ and ‘would you like a cup of tea’ for some time) were disturbed by ‘you’ve got a parcel’.  This is a positive and a negative; yippee something’s arrived, not bad seeing I ordered just before 3pm yesterday and chose 3-5 day delivery.  Then there is ‘oh heck, he won;t remember to check if there’s damage to the box and sign the receipt doodah with ‘box damaged’ as there often is with the cheapy couriers.  It’s why I refuse to use them unless I’m sending something that cannot be broken.

And there it was, with a pleased as punch other half – until I said ‘did you sign to say the box was damaged?’  Luckily nothing was, despite the packaging being less than adequate.

Crisis diverted. 

It’s Saturday. Husband works Saturdays and the roads around here are car parks. Nothing to it, head into the studio.  Head back out really quickly because it’s already over 25c in there and the kiln’s not even turned on yet.  Back in, kiln on. Dash out.  Back in, open the windows. dash out.  I’ve had 8 hours of looking for the camera (in studio) looking for the studio keys (not in studio) and so it goes on.

Kiln now stopped firing and it’s now 40c in there. Long story short I’m on medications that stop me being in extreme heat and definitely the sun or I could do anything from faint in the heat to get skin cancer (I own shares in the people who make Factor 50 sun cream, but you don;t expect to need to use them indoors). Never mind, must do some work. If you’ve never tried applying powdered glass to glass with a breeze going past you, it’s much the same as sneezing on it, it goes everywhere (I was wearing a mask, I don;t sneeze on it, that would bring an entirely new meaning to ‘there’s a little bit of me in everything I make’)

Some days I amaze myself just how fast I can work when I am in a room with the windows and doors now closed, safety mask on (doubles heat levels) and in several short bursts I’ve managed to get some replacements made for work sold, and tried out a new idea for a stencil I usually use for sun catchers, but I have some glass I want to use up and a very limited range of powdered glass in that COE (all to do with how glass expands and contracts, they get given a number and all the components must be the same COE – it’s a bit like android and apple, they do the same thing but aren’t compatible with each other, but let’s not get into my love (not) of Apple.

The first 2 photos are destined to be greetings cards in due course.  The last one is the new idea, on a theme of something else I make but I was working with a very restricted palette of colours.  These may be the only two, there wasn’t a lot of any colour, so I might need to come up with something that uses green, a different blue and a variety of reds and yellow.  It’s back on the back burner for today.

In between short bursts of work, there were long bursts of trying to find shade and fresh air in the garden.

Surprise!!  we have a waterlily flower.  It doesn’t flower most years.
Disappointment – no hydrangea flowers, but having watched something on a flower show the other evening, I think we (he who does the pruning on the back end of the raised pond, I can’t get there) pruned too late and too hard.  But at least Rachel de Thame and I seem to have the same problem, and she’s supposed to know what she’s doing, unlike us.  Oh well, one clematis flower is making up for the lack of hydrangea flowers – but that is meant to be covering the fence for privacy.

The yellow rose, Roald Dahl, which is planted in memory of my merry moggies, now gone, is just coming into flower.  It smells gorgeous.  Clearly viola aren’t as easy to grow as they’ve demonstrated in other years, but this flower is so sweet, even if it is long and leggy.  The self seeded fuchsia is doing well, as is the Jasmine, a cutting from my sister’s plant which was a cutting from my aunt’s plant. I need to work out how to take cuttings from it.  And then there’s the Rose of Sharon.  We planted a sickly little thing years ago and this is how it repays us – loads of flowers but nearly 18″ over the patio.  I have another nearer the house, same sad saga.  These house buying people want pristine, not ‘coming to get you’ plants.  I think it might get hedge trimmed back to the edge of the border in a few days, but then it will be all dead branches, if tidier.  If gardens sell houses, ours is failing, we only get the people who don;t want anything to cut, water, tend to. Oh and they want garages and not kitchen diners.  Begs the question, ‘what are you doing here then?!’

‘In other news’ ~ there is news but there is also a news blackout, all will be revealed in due course. 

Only other news is I am taking part in a market night on Thursday 11th July, with Uniquely Chosen, on Facebook.  This is, at the moment, the last one I have booked until November but keep an eye on my Facebook page .for any late additions.  Meanwhile I am trying to find cool shade!  Thank heavens by November it won’t be 45c in my studio!