I often get asked where, who, how……… so here is the where, who and how details.  I only recommend where I have genuinely received good service, and have no hesitation stopping this if ‘they’ let me down.  It is a short list, I have very exacting standards.  You probably don’t need links to Lakeland and Nespresso but I bake with one and drink coffee with the other, I can’t fault the service I have received from either, nor from the following.  So, without further ado……..

I like your website – who wrote it for you?

Me!  With a little (a lot really) help from my ‘friends’.  I used two companies who work together to bring a simple (even I can do it!) web hosting package and WordPress on-line training package.  When I started I didn’t even know what a WordPress website looked like, I was starting from the bottom.  With nothing more than their support, the training package and buying the supported hosting, so that Ben does a lot of the back room stuff I would be clueless over, I have built this site.  If you need help from the start theses guys can help you.  If you only need hosting, Ben can offer that too.

Handcrafted Hosting – Ben Rosier – http://handcraftedhosting.co.uk

WordPress Website Walk-though – Nicola Smith- https://www.ahandcraftedbusiness.com/wordpress-website-walkthrough/

Nicola also gives offers business advice for crafters – http://www.ahandcraftedbusiness.com/

Love your postcards and business cards – where did you get them?

Instant Print – www.instantprint.co.uk

Moo – for mini cards – www.moo.com