By ‘eck, how did it get to be the end of the year?  So, New Year, new plans!

The plan is – in no particular order

Move home (that’ll take some time, selling isn’t an issue for us, keeping buyers without their chain falling through, is) – but after a wasted 5 months in 2018, new agent, new home, new neighbours and a slightly different and new pace of life

New website – ok, a revamped website – technology is not my strong point.  Clearly this has snoozed on the back shelf for far too long and now needs to earn it’s keep, at least the ££ this costs me to run (although my host manager is worth far more than that in reality; without Ben from Rosier Internet not a lot would get sorted!)

New work – watch out for this one!  I’ve a new love, creating glass pictures.  Those who know me know I can’t paint to save my life so these are, how can we put it? an interpretation of a scene.  Early days and so far it has mainly been ‘wave’ shaped free-standing panels, but I will also be making larger bowls and smaller pictures – let’s see how it goes?  The wave panels certainly were popular over the past 3 months!  For that I am grateful, for both the income and the push I needed to look at things again.

New drive – no not the tarmac sort of thing, the more focussed kind. Does my drive need re-doing?  No, I think we have enough kerb appeal under the car…… anyway, the plan is (stop laughing) at least once a month I will update this site with news and new work.  Some of it might be for new outlets, at the moment I have Etsy and Amazon, and I take part in some online market events which will continue if they’ll have me back.  I’m hoping to broaden my market places, but all of these cost a lot in fees of one sort or another, so am being cautious.  Keep an eye on my ‘shop page and Facebook events page for new outlets.

And to start as I mean to carry on, here’s some examples of what is new this month….