hand felted soap balls

As most already know, I am looking at making and selling soaps, bath bombs and candles next year (oh my, the EU red tape, but I am getting there) and fancied doing something different today so have been making a few felted soaps – that’s soap inside felt, saves finding a flannel in the bath or the shower.

Felted soaps, I hear you ask?  Back in me Grannie’s day (I can say that, she was born in the 1880s, I am the last born in a long line of last borns) people used soap sewn into wool coverings as it made the soap last longer and was a built in wash cloth.  And of course, wool has antibacterial qualities (after it has left the sheep, obviously).  I remember as a kid at junior school we used to sew soap into foam squares and embroider for gifts for much the same purpose – but that could have been a desperate teacher wondering what to do with 40 8-year olds in short socks on a cold day just before Christmas or Mothers’ Day. 

Anyway, as usual I digress, felted soaps make pretty gifts and the soap lasts much longer than an unwrapped bar of soap and, you only have to check my wardrobe to find that wool shrinks more than once, the felt shrinks to fit the bar as the bar gets smaller, eventually leaving you with a handy little scrubby or a felted pocket you could keep your treasures in (I hate waste, be creative).

These are a trial version, until I get to the end of the EU process or the UK gets to the end of the EU, whichever comes first and my soaps are certified, carefully wrapped in red tape and kissed by the fairies (or whatever happens with these things), they’ll just be for friends and us to use – but inside is a lovely rose bourbon scented soap, before I realised just how much rose bourbon essential oil cost and how much I needed to use.   It’s a long time since I’ve done any felting and that was Nuno onto silk so it’s been a fun way to pass an afternoon.

What’s next?  Who knows, I’ve been filling time between a slow online event, waiting for a lost in transit husband to contact earth so I know where and when to collect and it seemed a bit of fun on a cold damp day.