I said I wouldn’t talk about this move until we were sure it was progressing or it would be jinxed again.  Last year we sold twice, once to the current buyer but her sale fell through.  3rd time lucky. We thought we were safe now; we were due to exchange contracts this week (subject to buyer’s solicitor’s latest missive).  I needed to shut up shop to move, so it seemed a good time to at least raise the subject.

Just how wrong can you be!  I get a phone call from my estate agent Monday lunchtime, bad news: our buyer’s buyer has pulled out of the sale, we aren’t going anywhere.  There are 5 of us in this chain; I have that in emails from our solicitor and estate agent. 

No there damn well aren’t!  I ring my seller’s estate agent to break the news and get asked ‘which’ of our buyer’s buyers?  Which?  There’s just one, a cash or first time buyer, nothing to sell….?  How come someone in another county knows more about what is going on than our estate agent and solicitor?  There are 3 below our buyer and 3 above the people we are buying from, 9 in all not 5!  Am I seriously annoyed?  You bet.  I won’t go into the boring bits of what a PITA our buyer’s solicitor has been, but this is my 19th buy & sell since I was 19, I’m pretty clued up on this and this is way ahead in the ‘worst house move we’ve had’ and we’ve had some pretty big obstacles in the past!  I’m done with the platitudes; ‘oh it wasn’t meant to be – yes it was, we were buying the perfect house for us, it met our work needs and my health needs, unlike this house). 3rd time lucky – no it isn’t, there’ll be another house -, probably not in our budget and still meeting my health and our work needs. 

People have known since last week that the chain had broken and no one thought to tell us?  I’ve spent days getting more removal quotes to fit in with our buyer’s demands to move end of August or 1st week September ‘because everything was in storage’.  We were told they had completed and moved in with family locally, not stuck in a chain! 

The law needs to be changed, you pull out you pay everyone else’s fees to date!  No doubt there’ll be an insurance policy for that but I’ve not heard of it, may be someone should create one.  Our bill to date, with surveys, fees, unnecessary indemnity policies to placate idiot solicitors who won’t accept prima facie evidence we already have so we can sell now not in weeks, is about £2500. Not throwaway money in this house.

I need a few days to unpack, and then I will re-open my shops and get back to work.  Until then I will escape to my studio and stick pins in an effigy of house buyers on my pin board.  I will probably have another sale – I need to find the money to pay our solicitor’s bill and associated fees with 2 aborted transactions, after all when we sell again the fees meter starts running again.  And right now no perfect house at the end of it, the best one we had seen in over 20 viewed and hundreds eliminated online; this really is the one that got away.