This week I’ve worked a out a few things.

That once one bead press decides to stick when you use it, so will another.  Out came the drill again and I’ve attacked another drill press.  Interestingly, they are by the same manufacturer, I wonder if there is a theme here?

I’ve also worked out that bathrooms should be sound proofed! 

As I stood under a hot shower this morning, I decided if our bathroom were soundproofed, no one would be able to hear me sing (or anything else!), likewise, I’d not be able to hear the angst that goes on in this house most days.  No one would be able to talk to me, tell me the cat’s been ill, or that we’ve run out of milk (Tesco is 3 minutes walk away!) or invade my solitude.  It is the only room in the house, including my 2 studios, where no one but no one can get to me (or they’ll be dead if they do come in and interrupt my thoughts).  I shall add it to the To Do list – Sanctuary Soundproofing!

Life in the garden is rosy 😉  this gorgeous yellow ‘rose with no name’ flowers from March to December, just outside my studio door.  Like a lot of things in my garden, it needs a serious talking to, it keeps growing out not along the wall, but perhaps now I have more time, I’ll take up gardening?  Fat chance – my parents were very successful gardeners, my father bred roses, my mother won awards.  My sister can make anything grow anywhere and I have absolutely no aptitude, hate dirt, scared of worms and creepy crawlies and generally think I need a gardener to keep me in check.  Husband does what he can, he at least has green fingers, but between us we are a failure to the family legacy.

And from the other window in my studio I can see my neighbour’s cherry tree in full blossom.  Sadly it is, like most cherry trees, fleeting.  But this year I fully intend to scrump, bed, borrow or steal the fruit as they don’t use the lovely cherries and they make a terrible mess on my patio (and lovely new not-cheap hardwood bench!  Last year she had several kilos of blackberries from the huge bramble we can’t kill in the front garden, so fair’s fair I think.  She won’t mind, she doesn’t do anything with the cherries anyway, apparently they are sour (so best cooked with sugar or honey? ).

Time for coffee – my tired brain needs a recharge

Don’t forget I am at the Winter Gardens in Weston-super-Mare on Easter Saturday and Sunday with handmade glass and sea glass beads and jewellery, silk & velvet scarves and my shibori dye scarf kits.  My Etsy shop will be closed for the duration.

Have a happy non-denominational long weekend.