My Etsy sale is on for a few more days.  It will end by 25th August OR as late as I can leave it before I really must start packing up home and business once we have a completion date.

My kiln is now in ‘summer holiday’ mood, I’ve fired the last of the things in the ‘do it’ pile and they are all now listed in my Etsy shop.  I won’t be firing up again until after I’ve moved and created a studio from I know not what.  (heaven forbid this all falls through at the almost last hurdles, just as the end is nearly in sight, but we have been here before).  Some days you think there is a light at the tunnel only to realise it is the 3.15 from Paddington!

Lots of dishes and coasters with 20% off; a few framed and free standing panels still available at 10% off, greetings cards aren’t on offer as they already have free postage – but the box I have them in is looking a little empty. 

If you have your eye on anything, bear in mind I won’t be making more stock until I have somewhere to work which could be as late as November although I hope not, however nicely you ask.  If you are outside of Europe (the continent not the political turmoil) please bear in mind that post to the USA, Australia, Canada can take up to 6 weeks in the run up to Christmas so with shop closure for a while and no studio for even longer, planning ahead might be prudent.  If you see something you fancy why not get it now, whilst it is on offer, not likely to be caught in the Christmas post and more importantly still in stock.

I’ll update on shop plans when I know more.