Lock down life continues, but thankfully tradesmen are working through this one!  For those who’ve followed me for some time, you’ll remember I had 2 studios at my last house, one for lampwork and one for what was then textiles and later for my fused glass work.  My how times change.  I had planned to add a studio to the garden in my new Norfolk home, but looking at it, there isn’t really enough space and it would be an expensive faff.  My temporary home has been in our garage; cold, draughty, cramped, dark, unappealing at 5C degrees.  Christmas, the one that never was, I decided to start decorating, since trotting off to the coast some 20+ miles away was frowned on and not such a bright idea in these covid times.  I’d managed to get a little bit of shelving locally – I’m a new convert to Facebook Marketplace, so much easier than buying and selling on Ebay! For security and warmth we, I, decided a new garage door was needed, so that is on order, and will be electric to make it easier for me to open and close and, why stop there, a new UPVC door and window for the rear of the garage as these are rotten and ill-fitting.  Hopefully February will bring warmer indoors times.  I found an electrician who was working through the lock down and had some time to do work this side of February – I needed that plug for the electric garage door; he visited and condemned most of the garage electrics as long over due a proper fitting and whilst we were at it, I’ve had the 2 old fluorescent lights replaced for 3 LED lights.  No more falling over uneven flooring in the poor light, it’s so bright I can spot the bits that I didn’t paint very well!

So here are some work in progress pics.  I think I am finally getting there and, except for really cold days, it is a lot more pleasant to work out there.

The original and only ‘Blue Box Studio’

Before – living out of boxes

So much easier to work in!

Aptly named and much missed for it’s huge size – ‘wild thyme’

At last, white walls and some shelving to keep things on!

As this was DIY, I thought my chances of building secure racking was higher than drilling into walls and putting up shelving!  I know mu limitations and there is a pandemic going on, ‘handy helpers’ aren’t working locally.