I seem to be having a manic month!  Someone tell me, please, how I had time to go to work as well do all the things I am doing now – redundancy was a blessing in disguise!  I hope you are all having a great August – some will no doubt be loving this heatwave – others, like me, will be secretly praying for frosts and snow.

So what’s new coo ca choo?  In no particular order……….

I have a 33% off jewellery sale in my Etsy shop- runs to 28th August so ample time to go and do some Christmas shopping!  everything in my Etsy shop is handmade by me and if it features a glass or sea glass bead – I made that too!

Each Autumn season I like to have one new item for craft fairs – this year will be different in several ways because, if you read previous blog posts you will know, I no longer make silk and velvet scarves.  These, along with the dye kits I designed, made and sold, were half of my stock but, as I kept being told, you can buy a scarf for £1 on the market!  I can take a hint.

So this year’s newbie, if they sell they will stay, if they don’t they won’t is handmade glass key rings.  Priced to fit in with the ‘thank you’ and ‘Secret Santa’ market, I have a few for sale in my Etsy shop. 

Meanwhile, The Great Textile Studio Clearout continues – so much has been promised or sold to fellow textile artists, but I have a few pieces for sale on Ebay – and that’s the place to keep an eye on – currently I have some beads, and
 I have some Procion dye

and also my photo tent and lights

My beads are also for sale in my Etsy shop and on the following Facebook groups – as and when I have beads for sale. 

I also have my eye on a couple more groups, but keep an eye on my Facebook page for more news or why not sign up for my newsletter; you’ll get discounts, offers and first news of sales and more. 
Life continues to be hectic, my husband is working abroad for several weeks, Skype and laptops seem to fail us every time we try to communicate, frustrating when the call is at 5.30am for one of us.  I’ve been left in charge of sorting my Mother in Law in a care home (and all the issues that is causing) and the threat of heavy rain yet again means we still haven’t jumped through the final hoops with the water board and will therefore flood if the rain arrives.  Meanwhile, one of my moggies is poorly.   We’re hoping  he just has an infection, else he is showing signs of having diabetes or worse, kidney failure.  But he seems happy in himself, so long as he can drink dry the pond, any glass I put down, the vase if he can get the flowers out …….