Well, this is a bit telling, I’ve not written a post here for a year!  I can’t honestly say I have much to say, nor will I have, but the past year has been a whirlwind of lock downs, 3 so far, shielding (apparently I am ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ for not for the reasons I would have expected) and ‘life’ in general.  We’ve been busy with our new home, it needed more work than we ever imagined and have many times exclaimed ‘did that surveyor actually come to the house at all?’ And amongst all this I have been trying to create some kind of studio in one end of our small garage.  How I miss my 2 studios at my last home, they were at least warm!  This one is frequently under 5C in winter (I know that as the boiler frost stat is set to 5C and seems to be forever drinking oil whilst I am out there).

Lots of new work in the past year; many favourites, many new ideas.  Lots more new ideas for 2021 and as with all ‘new ideas’ they will get an airing to see if they sell, or not, and a decision afterwards as to whether they continue, or not. I now only sell through Etsy and a few online markets – see my shop page for more details.  Amazon didn’t seem to like I was ‘on holiday’ for a couple of months, and I didn’t really like Amazon so we parted company.

I have a January sale in my Etsy shop, lots reduced as I make way for new work in a confined space.

International post was turned off November, the post was just too unreliable and none of us want to hear a parcel didn’t arrive before Christmas.  Managing customer expectations is not easy when they do not always read the information provided.  And then there was Brexit, or TransEnd as it seems now to be called. Whatever, one week in and it’s been chaos. I only have one EU supplier, but it is widely reported that many are no longer selling to the UK as they now have to sort the VAT and import duty themselves, no longer relying on us sorting it with HMRC when the parcel hits UK shores.  Even posting UK to Northern Ireland is an issue, one I think I’ve sorted as I have a lot of customers there.  I’ve opened up international post today, let’s try and get back to ‘normal’ whatever normal is.

So, watch this space, or probably more accurately watch the space on my Facebook page – websites still terrify me and are far from intuitive.  No, before you message me, I’m not in the market for a website administrator. This website will always be just somewhere to update customers and signpost them to where they can buy.  I’ve also started an online camera course, mainly because the countryside around rural Norfolk is stunning – did I say we finally moved in mid-February, after 19 months from date of sale? I did have another page about our Norfolk exploits but no one read it (yes, I did share the links) and it was one more ‘website trial’ so I’ve removed it.  Anyway, camera course ….. bought me a bridge camera and hopefully will be able to take better photos in a year.  Customers often tell me that the item is far more gorgeous than in the pictures, I prefer it that way to the pictures were better than the item, but maybe I’ll get to a stage that my work is just as lovely as the pictures showed.

And that I think is a round up of the last year.  Let’s raise a glass to the new year and hope it’s better than the last.