We have finally escaped – to the country!  Brexit came before Clexit (Clevedon exit) and until 2 weeks ago nothing was certain, then ta dah!  fingers were pulled out of orifices and everything came together.

The packers moved in last Wednesday, a great team of 4 from GB Liners (big plug, they were brilliant – even if they did pack the grill pan handle, it came to me 3am Thursday morning as I lay on the blow up mattress snuggled in a sleeping bag.  They took everything (well almost) because we wanted an early start next morning for our journey to Norfolk. And along comes storm Ciara!  In fairness, once we got to the middle of the country the rain stopped and the sun came out and I enjoyed a gentle jaunt through Thetford Forest (not the bit they filmed Dad’s Army in) watching fields of pigs, chickens, geese and sheep.  As you’d expect from our solicitor (slow, slow, even slower, slow) we’d not only got here in record time but we’d not heard that we had completed contracts and bought a house!  That came in calls to Himself and my, different calls different people so we are having to stop, phone the other, stop to pick up the voicemail and it got a bit ridiculous in the end so we agreed to rendezvous in the village and go from there.  So, we knew we had been paid for our old house, hooray! then we had paid for our new house, hooray!  but our seller’s solicitor hadn’t actually bothered to ring our sellers, who hadn’t moved out, waiting the call. They were moving themselves and eventually we had to say sorry but we are heading your way, if only because all those cups of coffee and bottles of water on the journey were making their presence felt.

As we arrived so did the very large removal van, this time with just 2 to start dropping everything off.  As our sellers went out the front door, we came in through the back door and filled every space they left. Chaos.  Then we realised they didn’t actually know where there was a lorry park for an overnight stop so, because they were a great couple of men and not likely to make a noise, they left the huge lorry outside on the close, ordered a take away and settled down for the night.  Have a front door key says I, in case you’re up first, use the bathroom…. the sellers had gone off with the front door keys.  Another mad dash for them to bring them back and we all settled down again. As it happens they slept so well – it is very quiet and very dark here – they were almost late on duty and were about to get a cup of tea ‘in bed’ from Himself!  Lunchtime and they were gone, leaving us piles of boxes, loads of packing paper and a feeling like this was a mountain a bit too far.  We were sad to see them go, it meant we had to get on with it ourselves.

After Ciara came Storm Dennis the Menace, the greenhouse in the garden did not fare well. Granted it was mostly polycarbonate sheets and plastic panels in an aluminium frame.  I’ve found 1 panel, we are still missing 4 and a half sheets, can’t see them in neighbours gardens. That is a project for another day.

This will be a gorgeous house when we have unpacked, bought some wardrobes, bookshelves, worked out where the heck it is all going and perhaps painted a few walls – and bought some curtains.  Our last house was fitted everywhere, this is none.  And the list of people you have to tell is endless, and I’ve only told the ones who make life better at the moment, like faster broadband (we currently have ADSL and 2.56mbps, you can’t run Zoom or Skype on that, husband is still working and 2 1 hour web conferences used 14 of his 20 extra gigabytes Saturday, or £14 to explain it in terms we all understand), upgraded meter as we don;t want Economy 7.  Today the washing machine went in, seems the pipe their washing machine took is smaller than ours and there was no U bend which didn’t quite meet regulations and expectations so had to be fixed.  We haven’t had a washing machine for a couple of weeks, you miss the little things in life….. We also have 2 TVs and recorder box thingies now working and have made friends with a lot of locals who are recommended from the last person recommended. Never spoke to so many people in one day Saturday, I’ve met neighbours from one road away wishing us welcome, didn’t get that from where we lived before.  I think we’d best be on our best behaviour or we’ll get more than the welcome in the local magazine!

I have never slept so well.  No car alarms (yet), no street lights (and no pavements) and pure silence at night. We had a wonderful sunrise reflected on the buildings behind us on our first morning and last night stood in the garden marvelling at the number of stars we could see.

Other than finding out the Post Office in the village opens only on Monday and Wednesday and the shop isn’t open Sundays so Himself’s newspaper will come from Fakenham we’ve not got far.  We now have one room fit to show visitors into, and it’s not the lounge diner.  We spend a lot of time laughing that we’ve just unpacked another box of the folded packing paper we packed in there earlier and then declaring it is time for another cup of tea.  There’s lots of tea.

As they say, tomorrow is another day, I promise we will have photos soon, if we can find time to get out between all the visitors and boxes. And faster broadband, 2.56mbps has taken ages to add anything!