What day is it?  How many weeks have I been locked down?  How many more to go?  All the days seem the same with nothing much to differentiate them from the next.  I’m losing the plot.  But gaining a plot!

I’m used to long but thin gardens and now we have a short and fat garden, a bit like me really.  For now, we have dug one border, this piece of land was once a nursery after all (and I think we got the bit with hard drives and brick buildings on).  We’ve bought a few plants when we’ve seen them to add to the ones we can rescue and divide from the overgrown bits of the garden; who knew Wilko could be so handy?  I can be there at 8am, before civilised people are out, round the store getting shed paint and plants and back home before most shops open and the ‘crowds’ arrive.  I think the most we’ve seen in there is 4 people, all socially.  Thank heavens we aren’t on the coast, seems people are camped on the beaches by 8am.


purple rhododendron

My green house is full of things pretending to grow, mostly in recycled pots but a few in a pot that came with a plant now planted.   Some are sprouting, some are reluctant, some think it is a race to the moon!

plants in greenhouse

We ventured out Friday, for the sake of my mental health as I’m getting pretty sick of life with no curtains, no wardrobes, living out of a suitcase in the same old clothes; wash, rinse, repeat.   We headed to a local garden centre, expected queues, but found none.  We were out and on our way in 10 minutes having only seen 2 other customers in the distance.  Then I realised I hadn’t got the one thing I went for, if I get down I don’t get up again without a hand from a human or piece of furniture now.  I needed one of those sit or kneel stools I’d seen.  On to another garden centre almost on the way home – ish…..  Equally uncrowded, we whizzed round that one in record time, my kneeler thing was half price, the ‘larder’ with frozen and fresh food was open so we grabbed a rather tasty, as it turned out, curry for dinner; and we’re home drooling over our spoils in just under an hour.  And we’ve hardly seen a soul.

What turned out to be Saturday, who knew? We planted plants and sowed seeds and (not in my case) dug another piece of border as the ‘veg border’ we were clearing isn’t going to be cleared of ground elder this year so we need another veg border. 

garden border

The greenhouse looks pretty with planted pots just waiting until June in case of a late frost , the first of the tomato plants are planted in the greenhouse and as we’re best described as ‘all the gear and no idea’ we’re hoping they do something as it’s taken me a year to get Alistair to eat tomatoes and I’ve promised him freshly picked straight from the vine are tastiest.


Life in the country, even in lock down is a lot better than life in the town.  After all this time the whole village will be strangers to everyone so we’ll not be the ‘new people’ any more.  We had planned an Open House to meet the neighbours after we moved in but lock down happened, but at this rate it will be mince pies, sausage rolls and ‘kiss me under the mistletoe’!  That should get the party going.  By then I’ll have run out of rooms to decorate.