A country mile – it’s a long way, and seems country folk have been saying it’s 10 times as far as a normal mile since the 1800s.  No doubt my granny would have said it, being born in 1877 and a country lass. That’s her house (or was) above, well half of it anyway.  I think it was 2 up, 2 down, with a loo in the yard and a bath in front of the fire. We’ve bought, a rare thing in these ‘ere parts, a house that’s on main drainage.

We’re on the move. Follow the high points, and the low, as I pack my life, my house, my studio, my work and my husband, who isn’t as good at packing removal boxes as he is at packing supermarket carrier bags with purchases (sorry, to all those who have been behind us, but you ‘just can’t’ mix household cleaners with frozen food, or meat with bread – I’m ye to be properly trained in this art).