Where is the time going? It’s almost December! Back in the summer I thought I’d be moved and baking mince pies in  new kitchen by now, but I should know better, house chains are there to be broken. I’d not booked events online or in person because I didn’t expect to be here. Clearly the gods have something different in mind. I’d held off ordering new supplies because someone said the phrase that I now laugh at ….’you should be ready to exchange next week’. That has more lies than a Tory MP! In fact we’ve named our leaving Clevedon as Clexit and asked many a time, which comes first Clexit or Brexit?

It dawned on us this morning that it might not yet be December but actually, there’s not a lot of December that people seem to work these days. Except for us self employed working our ‘arrises off pulling all-nighters trying to keep up. Being a 3 day move due to lorry drivers not being able to drive on the roads as long as us mad folks, and the 6-7 hour (longer if they stick to speed limits) journey time. And what is there not a lot of in December? 3 days together without a weekend, bank holiday, Christmas or anything else in the way. Oh, and vehicle availability – across 5 large companies. Surely 5 removal companies of a decent size is enough?

So, I am sitting here, with very little stock, very little materials to make stock (some of which takes several weeks to get to me, no idea where I’ll be in a few weeks, but probably here! ) very little packaging left (who knew I got through 15cuft of packing peanuts and 100m of bubble wrap that quickly? ) and sort of hobbling from day to day wondering if I have time for another delivery that might take 2 weeks to get here.

Next Sunday is my last online event of the year, with Handmade.  What’s left over from that will be added to my stock on Etsy and Amazon.  What is left on the shelves is, for the moment, what I have. How many more Christmas tree wave panels do I need to make?  They take several days to make in my small kiln (Santa please send £5k for a larger one) and since I don’t know when the trumpet will sound, of 8 other people thinking we can move ‘tomorrow’ because they say so (they will be sadly disappointed) and when I need to start packing all that is dear to me.

I’ve even explored, as a worst case scenario, could we move Christmas Eve and be unpacked in the New Year – the price of holiday cottages and hotels with any vacancies over Christmas is eye-wateringly costly, and storage adds £1k each week to our already £4k removal quotes; we can’t afford it.  I’m not well or young enough to squat in an empty house or two, only so much you can put in a car, living off ready meals (which make me ill due to my ‘complex medical needs’ as they put it) and frankly, why should I?  Not to please someone who is moving locally, not half the way across the country.  We are the only long distance move in the chain without other arrangements already made to move in and store with family.  You learn a lot about people after 18 months in a constantly breaking chain; yes it really has been going on that long, and amazingly, nothing to do with us or our house!

Unless we’ve moved, our jigsaw puzzle of a realistic fake Christmas tree is not going up this year.  I can’t face it.

I think, contrary to my original plans, I will close out international orders from the end of November, with the possibility of being moved, post being redirected, unclaimed parcels being returned, it’s a bit more stress than I need right now.  I did say months ago ‘shop early for Christmas’.

And now I need to go talk to my kiln, I’m making something for us for a change.

So, what will be first, Clexit or Brexit?