Which came first?  The sheep or the lamb?  Go one, you were expecting me to say ‘chicken or the egg’?  I don’t have a photo of a chicken.

As you can tell, wheels move slowly here in the South West.  They fall off wagons a lot too.  We’re still here!  Lips are still sealed. We exist from week to week, mostly when we open the freezer and realise apart from 500g of peas, it is empty and it’s beans on toast for dinner again until Mr Ocado arrives with boxes of goodies.  Leaving Clevedon is still on the cards, we’ve named it Clexit so the question is……..

Which will come first?  Brexit or Clexit?

And I honestly don’t think anyone knows the answer to that question!

Oh, and they are Valoise sheep, cute aren’t they?  I love their black knees.

Oh, and a sneaky plug for my Etsy sale – yes it’s still on and I’ve gone from reducing stocks as less to pack to better make some more whilst we sit here running up a huge solicitor’s bill.  Click here, lots of goodies to be had including some at 25% off as I will be changing direction a little once I finally move and establish a new studio.