Mothers Day, here in the UK, is Sunday 31st March – so here are some ideas of suitable gifts that Mums of all ages will appreciate; handmade of course.  Each of these will be suitable after the day, who wants a gift that comes out once a year or looks past it by the next day (unless it’s been made by the children or grandchildren)?

First up is some pretty heart flower cards, blank inside and out so you can add your own greeting, perfect for Mothers Day, engagements, weddings and just saying ‘I am thinking of you’.  Unlike my other cards, these have a magnet on the back of the glass panel so can be used as a fridge or board magnet.  Each one is individually handmade so whilst each will follow the same theme, each is slightly different so you are getting something no one else has, you can’t say that of a supermarket card!

All my cards are free UK postage.

Now that Spring is on the way – my garden is starting to think it is actually here, I beg to differ, I have a range of daffodil and Springtime themed items for you.

I have Springtime and daffodil woodland inspired wave shaped glass panels and some very pretty sun catchers.  I have both of these in other designs so don’t forget to check my Etsy and Amazon shops to find out what is new; If you can’t find what you are looking for in one of them, have a look in the other – or if they seem to have sold out, contact me and I am sure I can help.  The range will vary throughout the year, my plan is to follow the seasons so check out my Facebook page too as new work will get a mention there first. 

I also have some stunning glass dishes, large enough to be a statement or hold some fruit if you wish (I recommend hand wash only) – currently in poppy and cottage garden designs but more will follow shortly so keep an eye out for them.

I also have a couple of events coming up, I try to attend one a month, if they’ll have me!

The next is with Handmade Showcase, who have invited me as a guest artist, starting Sunday 3rd March at 8pm until the same time on the 4th March, perfect for those who are busy on Sundays (and will be watching Call the Midwife).

The following event will be on Sunday 7th April at 7pm with Handmade.

No plans at the moment for more after that, as previously announced Blue Box Studio will be on the move (I say WILL, not MAYBE – not our turn for any more chains to break) some time this year and without knowing where I will move I don’t know if I will have a studio space, or how long I could be out of action.  Any new plans will be on my Facebook events page.

Click the photos below to see more about these events and if you click ‘going’ you’ll be kept up to date and reminded of the event nearer the time.  Both have an album of work being offered, so check out for those too by clicking the group name hyper-link on the event page.

And whilst I think about it, I have a sale on bottle dishes and bottle lights in my Etsy shop – these are reduced as end of line, and to reduce the amount of things I have to pack when I relocate.  They both make great gifts for Mums, Dads, friends and family.