The time has come and it’s the end of an era – the last post run has been done from this address and my shops are now in holiday mode (or whatever they call it).  I hope to be open again, initially with what stock I have left, in a few weeks with new work being made once I actually have somewhere to fire my kiln.  I shall be sad to leave my studios behind, the original ‘blue box studio’ named after colour and shape (unoriginal I know) has moved a few times with me but is now too old a lady to move again. 

If any one has any queries or issues with their order, please contact me via the site you purchased through or via my contact form on this site. Apart from a few days when I will be on the move and working out who can give us broadband quickest, I’ll be checking in on emails, messages and anything else I can do to keep on top of things.  If all else fails, I will be frequenting cafes for their free wifi. 

In the unlikely event of anyone needing to return anything to me – I am fortunate that most customers are happy with their purchases – please contact me (as mentioned above) before returning so I can give you the address to return to. For reasons I won’t bore you with, redirecting our mail is proving to be a trial this time, after all we are all money launderers and fraudsters until proven innocent and Royal Mail have severely limited the documents they will accept, all of which must be originals in a time where we are all encouraged to go paperless to save the planet!

Now to start the studio, office and home packing!

As things progress, updates will be on my ‘A country mile‘ blog

Adios amigos, see you on the other side