​January is a time for new beginnings and I promised myself that this year I will explore more so, wandering around my local glass suppliers I came across a sheet of brass for including in fused glass.  I’ve used copper for some time, for me it goes red or blue, depending if it oxidises or not, but brass?  ​With my trusty servant Passepartout at my side (OK, it was husband carrying a basket, but he often says it’s quicker to get round the world in 80 days than watch me go round a glass suppliers) I popped a pack of brass sheet into the basket.  And a few other things that I didn’t actually go to buy (yet to try them so watch out for that later….) And a lot that I did actually go to buy,  then time to head home via a good coffee shop for coffee and cake, de rigueur to diffuse any questions about how much that heavy pack of glass and other things really cost.  

copper heart dishbrass heart dishbrass heart experiments

​Copper always plays nicely with the Spectrum glass I use; I expected brass to do much the same.  The dish above with the red heart is copper, the middle dish is brass.  I wasn’t sure I liked the brass halo, but asking on my Facebook page and in a glass fusing group, seems I was alone with this.  Both of these were made using my go-to glass by Spectrum (now made by Oceanside to Spectrum’s recipe – allegedly).  Some suggested they only had black and gold bubbles from brass but used Bullseye glass – where were my bubbles?!  So using some small pieces of Bullseye glass (it’s a different glass with a different rate of expansion COE, a bit like Apple or Android, do much the same but are different and not compatible) I made up some more little dish blanks.  Just to see if it was something different with Spectrum glass, I also made one smaller dish blank, and to remember which bit of clear glass was which, it got a flower not a heart.

two glass examples

​Guess which one is Spectrum glass?  I’ll be exploring further as I like the brass bubbles as well, but I also like Spectrum glass over Bullseye (and it’s easier for a wander with Passepartout, I have to shop online and collect for Bullseye, far less opportunity to be tempted to add to my basket and far less places to leave him lost in wonderment and my £s per hour rate.Meanwhile, what do you think?  Do you like the brass haloes?  Do you prefer the bubbles?  Do you not like the brass colour and much prefer red copper instead?  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.